Thursday, October 20, 2011

BOOK - Dissertation and Scholarly Research 2011 Edition: recipes for Success

 Authors: Jim Goes & Marilyn K Simon
Publishers: CreateSpace, 2011
340 pages
ISBN: 9781461096313

Recipes for Success is a unique, user-friendly guide that informs and empowers doctoral students with the skills and knowledge to start and complete their dissertation. Putting together an excellent dissertation is like preparing a gourmet feast for a gathering of distinguished guests who are connoisseurs of fine cooking. You, the researcher, are the chef and chief meal engineer for this eloquent repast. Careful preparation is needed each step of the way, along with a formal means to reach your desired goal. Recipes takes you gingerly through these steps.

Recipes is presented in three phases. In PHASE 1 you start your initial preparation, gather ingredients, and prepare the menu for your feast. This includes your mental, physical, and psychological preparation along with the selection of the type of meal (research topic and method) you will serve. In PHASE 2 you gather your accoutrements and utensils to collect and analyze data to help you solve the problem you pose, answer your research questions, and achieve your purpose. In PHASE 3 you learn how to put your meal (dissertation) together to ensure a delicious high-quality study to serve at your feast. Included are several presentations and web resources to serve as your maître d' for your banquet. 

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